It Should Be Zero

There is a homeless problem in Troy.

During the month of March, 137 men, women and children were homeless and requested services from Joseph’s House & Shelter.  They asked for a warm, safe place to stay the night and a simple meal. 

Our emergency shelters are always full, and staff routinely have to turn down requests from individuals and families.  In a county with a population only around 100,000 people, this number is too high.  While there are many organizations and agencies in place to assist our citizens, more is needed.

The number shouldn’t be 137 – it should be zero.



145 people in Feb. 2015
157 people in Jan. 2015
175 people in Dec. 2014
178 people in Nov. 2014
209 people in Oct. 2014
213 people in Sept. 2014
203 people in Aug. 2014
158 people in July 2014
133 people in June 2014
122 people in May 2014
123 people in Apr. 2014
141 people in Mar. 2014